Aspiring Printer Looking for Summer Apprenticeship/Internship

Hello fellow printers! My name is Lou and I am a sophomore in college looking for establishments who would like to host an apprentice or intern (who is hardworking, friendly, timely, creative, and eager) for the summer of 24’. This past semester, I started a job working in my campus’s letterpress print shop as a “shop tech”. We have two Vandercook presses, and my job entails cleaning them, setting type for and printing on them, and overall organizing the shop. Immediately, I was taken by the art form and have since been eager to find more outlets for honing my craft and learning to make complex artist books and prints. If you are a press company or printer looking for an apprentice or you are just someone who knows of a place looking, I would appreciate it greatly if you could point me toward an application. Also, I am open to traveling and living somewhere new, so I would be ecstatic to hear about positions no matter where they are located. Thank you so much everyone!

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