There is a new sorta funny letterpress related Youtube channel

I have started a YouTube channel, and I thought some folks around the Briarpress community might get a kick out of it.
     This will act as an extension or refinement of a demonstration I did about 10 years ago during an SGC Printmaking conference.  That presentation consisted of over 30 small demos; everything was shown back to back, crammed within a 45 minute time slot.  I flew through a long list that I had pinned up on a big easel.  It was fun and a bit ridiculous. The goal was just to share a bunch of stuff that I’d been carrying around in my toolbox brain;  things I thought were useful insights, techniques or keen moves to use in the letterpress studio.   With so many angles and tidbits being shared I’d like to think that everyone attending, regardless of experience level, got to leave with at least one or two shiny new pennies or maybe even a gold nugget to take back to their studio.  At the very least there were some big smiles, laughs, and a few thank you handshakes at the end while I was cleaning up.
      I hope these new videos will let me share those things again, but with a bit more time to include extra details.  I really won’t try to make any high horse decrees within these videos such as  “the new right way to do things”  -or-  “In with the new / out with the Old”  Mostly because I like it old.    Above all things though, please don’t hold these videos as an affront to you or anyone else’s studio practice.  We all know things are done a certain way for a reason, often because of physics and laws of nature, sometimes to honor esoteric principles and long loved habits.  I hold stock in both tradition, and proper technique.  Deep in my printmaker’s soul, I believe that if you work smarter it will allow you more time to work harder.  With that in mind I don’t plan to make videos just for the sake of corner-cutting-cheap-cheats.  
      I will be the first to admit and apologize,  these videos are going to be a bit clumsy for a little while.  I am especially aware that in my first two videos I over compensated a bit while trying to make them fast & fun,  brief & informative,  and accessible while still being useful.  Sheesh! Too many funny voices, I know, and I will try to get better.  These are about things I love, and things that I think are important to share, so please bear with me as I gain my balance editing,  and try to find my voice.

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These are great! Thanks. Keep them coming.

I miss having you here at The Arm, Bryan. I love the videos!


I just saw this a few days ago, I really enjoyed it.

Thanks everybody. I miss you too Dan.
- - Bryan - -


((( “Bruce” )))