Need help measuring type please

Hi. I am a complete newbie but I have recently acquired a lot of lead and wood type. I am a reseller and hope to understand what I’ve got so I can accurately describe. I’ve got a few questions here so if you could help out with any of them, I would appreciate it.

I’m having trouble attaching photos so hopefully my questions will make sense without the visuals.

I have a complete set of Ultra Bodoni UC, LC, #s and punctuation. The tag said it was 48 point. To measure the point size, am I only measuring the actual letter or the entire piece of lead?

For example, there are a number of UC E letters. Some have more lead than the others. What should I measure? Assuming I measure just the letter, it seems like it is 48 point. Or do I measure the entire piece of lead? The LC letters seem to be a smaller point size based on a simple measurement.


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