sorting type?

haven’t been on here in a few years. just purchased a 5x8 kelsey model o with a some type that’s piled in the bottom of a box. is there a trick to sorting the thousands of letters? thanks. jim

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This is one of those norman horrible jobs but it will get you “close”to yr type…… in the old days the journeyman would leave a drawer pulled near all the way out & send the apprentices to fetch it …& if they were not careful it would spill out onto the floor ! great fun & of course after much teasing they were told to sort it ….. all as a “learning?” process…. /////sorting mixed fonts is even more of a pain but it will sharpen yr eye & has the back up of becoming more obvious when you have set something and are proofing it….but it is far easier to replace at that point (&less daunting) good luck & yr mantra is “I am learning” (and as Lewis Allen noted “never keep a hand gun in the press shop”