Sign on works but emails don’t

I can Sign on but when I reply to a Ad it appears not to work! I Check the Box to send email to me! It doesn’t show up in my email. I’ve looking for Ads that have a phone number. I’ve called them, they didn’t get my reply. Sent it again while we were to the phone! NATA, ZIP! Nothing! I’ve sent several Help Emails! No reply! So What’s up! I’ve heard that is problems with Spam! Hope this can be resolved. Than You!

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Hi Winston!

I have recently joined the Briar Press team as we work toward improving functionality for this website. If you’re willing to message me directly, we would appreciate your help working on email failures such as the one you are experiencing!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve replied to Classified Wanted ads checking the box to send a copy of my email to me! It doesn’t come. If the ad had a phone number I called them. They didn’t get my reply to their ad! So, whats up with the site.