Buyers Beware

Buyers Beware! I agreed to purchase a handful of letterpress tools from user lyoddbridges, real name is John Olson.

He requested a US postal money order as he didn’t have paypal. I sent him the m.o. in early Feb. 2016.

Initially he said he was late on sending the items because he had to move. then it was that he lost all the emails and no longer had my list of things. I resent the list. then he said he didn’t get the list. I sent it again.

Then, he said he needed time to look for the items since he just moved. several times he’s said that he will be sending it the following weekend. Then still nothing.

I finally said I just wanted my money back since I had been waiting for over 2 months. I said I’d file a police report if I didn’t receive my money back in the form of US postal money order within 2 weeks. He said okay. I sent him reminder email after a week. The last email I received from him said I would receive the money order by the end of this week.

it’s now Saturday and no money order. It has been 3 months since I sent him money. I know $50 isn’t a whole lot of money, but still.

Basically, he just stole my money. so buyers beware. you may never get your items and your refund.

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I had some discussions with him too. I backed out when he wouldn’t send me a Paypal invoice and wanted me to mail a money order. Sad because I could have used the stuff he allegedly had.

This sounds all to familiar!

Happen to me a couple of years ago. Items got lost in thevmail, post office returned the shipment due to package damage…lots of excuses, he was moving, living with a relative due to hurricane, the list goes on.

Never received money or items purchased.

T and T Press Restoration

John Grimm rides again, at least that was the name used back than, checks were cashed by a Woman: Paige Quest.

It’s just small enough as a sum that it’s a nuisance call in the courts here, so you would have to fly up to file in their courts.

if it comes out of NJ and list to much of a good Thing, avoid it.

I actually had halfway decent experience with John, but that was 5 years ago. I successfully purchased some wood type from him, then had him teach me how to use my new (to me) Heidelberg Windmill. It was after that when I wanted him to come in and run a job here and there that he started flaking out on me. Sorry to hear he’s been giving people the runaround.

Yep, same thing here. Wanted a money order, so I backed out.

Since then he has joined ebay and selling some on there. I bought 2 auctions and asked to combine shipping and refund shipping on one item. He said he didn’t know how to do that and asked if I needed something else small. I ended up getting the items except the small item to offset the shipping! He replied sorry, I’ll get it out tomorrow, many times over and over. Oddly he DOES take paypal, that is how I paid the ebay auctions.

Buyer beware is right. I sent John/Lyodd a money order in January. I had follow up conversations as well. He said be patient, that he was traveling repairing presses. Then he moved. He stalled repeatedly and I finally told him I felt scammed and would file a report. At that point he told he lost his house in a flood and would get to it ASAP. At that point I said “forget it”. About a month ago he posted again, selling items but also asking for addresses from people who had already sent him money. I was hoping he would follow through. Thank you for sharing your experience. Now I know for sure. Good luck to you all.

Great thing about US Postal Money Orders. If it goes bad you report it to the Postal Service and they take care of it. At that point it is Mail Fraud which they take very seriously.

What is his eBay username?

lyools4 is him I think.

Christa Carleton, He used lyoddbridges on the posting I responded to. RhondaJ, I also just gave up and I should have known when he asked for a postal money order. Lammy, I tried to look on the USPS site to see about the money order refund or stop payment or something like that. But it said, if it’s been cashed there’s really nothing you can do. I still have the money order receipt. I’ll see if I can file a claim at the post office. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Sorry to hear that I’m not the only one he scammed.

Just checked with the post office and once the money order has been cashed. there’s nothing they can do about it as it’s not lost or stolen if the person who cashed it is the person written on the money order.

Although, if someone else cashed it instead of the name on the money order then I suppose I could claim it as stolen.

you can pay the post office $6.95 to see who cashed it.

Not sure who you have to talk to but if they cashed the money order but you never received the items it’s fraud and they will investigate it, and it doesn’t matter what state. You may have to talk to a Post Master and not just a clerk.

He’s still at it! Same guy and same thing happened to me in 2016. (I just reviewed old old emails to confirm.) John took my money and had lots of excuses and quit responding. I learned a lesson.
However I have went on to purchase many things from folks on Briar Press including my 1911 Golding Pearl No. 11. This site has been an invaluable resource this new printer. Thanks to all!.