More throw-off lever problems - C&P NS 8x12

Good morning:

In my struggle to put back together my C&P NS 8x12 I have hit another snag. We had reattached the throw off lever, but alas, it doesn’t seem to work. The lever seems to be stuck - i.e. we can’t pull or push it once attached.

Would any of you with a C&P NS 8x12 be able to take a photo of your lever attachment on the side of the press, and then another photo from the back of the press showing the connections there and then post these photos? I have a diagram of the press, but it doesn’t show this area in any detail. I’m pulling my
hair out trying to figure out what is wrong.

It looks to me like the throw-off pin circle is just stuck under the shaft above it - it won’t move forward or backwards. It’s just plain stuck.

Much appreciation in advance,


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Try turning the part that attaches to the shaft in the back around 180 degrees. It may be on up-side down. Been there, Done that. One of the few pieces on a C&P that you can put on wrong.

Hi, this might help. Box Car Press has many manuals and parts lists available.
This is a link to their C&P parts list and diagrams.

Look on page 8 for a diagram of the left side.


I’ve no idea of the degree of disassembly to which the press was subjected, but here is a suggested path to correcting your problem. Have you placed rollers on the press as yet? Do so, turn the press slowly - by hand - and observe their travel. Should they strike the frame below the bed the cause is attributable to the roller arms connecting/throw-off shaft’s improper installation. And that is easily done; and as easily corrected: Standing behind the press, look at the patent date on that shaft. It should be easily visible. If it can only be read by looking over the shaft (ie. it’s facing the front of the press), then the shaft is installed backwards. Simply re-install by swapping left for right. In my opinion.

Well, it seems the lever issue has worked itself out. I was turning the press with the flywheel for a while before attempting a test print run, and lo and behold the lever started wiggling as the press was cycling through - so I pulled it, and what was once stuck is now free. I have no idea what the problem was, but the lever is now working as normal and the throw-off function is performing just fine. Maybe the press just needed a bit of a workout to get all the parts working properly again - who knows?

Thanks again for the advice! I’m so pleased things worked out.