Ink issues with a double pass

I am using Pro-Line Ink from Braden Sutphin. It is resin based ink which I have added magnesium powder to stiffen the ink. I am using a C&P Pilot, Boxcar base, and Boxcar photopolymer plates. The paper is 300 lbs. texture stock. The first pass was a light blue image similar to a watermark (which dried for 24 hours). This was a custom mixed using Transparent White to lighten the ink color. The second pass is text in a dark brown partially on top of the watermark.
The problem… the text turns out perfect on the paper where there is no watermark. However, where there is text on the watermark the text bleeds. I can’t add any more magnesium because the ink is almost too stiff as it is.
Does anyone have any solutions? Could the Transparent White be causing the problem? Does the first pass need to dry for a longer period of time?

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Just a warning that this is a TOTAL shot in the dark, but since there are no other suggestions yet, I’ll throw it out there.

Since you’re using 300lb. texture paper, I am assuming you’re going for some impression. Is it possible you are using too much ink? I have found that textured paper is much more forgiving for this than smooth cardstock or paper. I think the depth of the impression hides some of these issues (which is why so many people hate having any impression at all).

My thinking is, if you’ve already printed a background image, the areas which have been printed are going to be smoother and flatter than the rest of the paper. So if you’ve got too much ink, it will squish out around the text on the flat parts. On the textured parts, this might be contained by the depth of the impression somewhat and may not be as apparent. Maybe add less stiffener and use a hair less ink?

Pardon my lack of proper jargon, btw. Not enough coffee yet to think coherently.

Again, just a guess. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. I give a shot and let you know how it goes.