Moxon Titling?

I’ve just acquired a font of what the seller labelled as “Moxon Titling,” but I’m struggling to find any information about a typeface by that name. “Moxon” is, obviously, not a great search term, but I’ve checked Skyline’s and Arion’s catalogues of their matrix libraries to no avail. Is anyone familiar with this name?

What I have looks brand-new, flat-footed, an 18pt font. There’s an alternate uncial M. Haven’t printed a specimen yet, but can do that in the next days.


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I believe you have a font of Moxon, first cast by the Dickinson Type Foundry of Boston, about 1890. There was a revival casting done sometime in the late 20th century. I have it both 18 and 24 point (revival Monotype casting, not foundry type). I don’t know much more about it or where the matrices are now. Here is a link to a showing from the 1896 ATF catalog on the St. Louis Public Library website (unfortunately, it doesn’t show the alternate M):

-Bob M.

That’s it! Thank you. I’m glad to know the original foundry and date! I like to label my cases with both the name of the typeface and the rough date or its design. I’m not quite obsessive enough to keep them in chronological order, but I do find it helpful when pulling together a composition.

Thanks again!

My two fonts of Moxon (18 and 24 pt) were cast by Dave Peat in March of 2002. Since Dave didn’t have an operating caster, this was probably cast by someone else, perhaps Rich Hopkins? The foot is usual in that the groove is a semicircle and is well off to one side. I don’t know what kind of caster does that. I’ll check with Rich.

I checked with Rich and he did, in fact, cast these two fonts for Dave Peat. He used a side-jet Thompson caster.