Reprint of Page New Process Wood Type specimen

Several threads in past years mentioned the 1890 Wm. H. Page “Specimens of New Process Wood Type!” that shows all of their die-cut wood type, borders and ornaments.

At the suggestion of John Horn, my publishing imprint, Liber Apertus Press, has reissued a facsimile of the 1890 specimen. This was Page’s attempt to compete with Hamilton’s veneer Holly Wood Type, which was much cheaper than pantograph-cut type. But one year after this specimen, Page sold his company to Hamilton; it was too little, too late. Hamilton incorporated all of Page’s designs and equipment, and continued to advertise the die-cut type until 1906, and the borders into the 1940s.

This is the only specimen that shows all of Page’s die-cut wood type and border designs. It features 61 pages of wood type from Series 500 to 516 in all the sizes available. It also shows 26 pages of border designs, from Series 150 to 318 plus 511 and 512, as well as seven pages of ornaments from 400 to 410.

This facsimile edition is reproduced at the same scale as the original, but slightly wider at 5″ x 7″ to allow for easier reading with a wider center margin. I have written a brief introduction, which explores the competitive pressures in the wood type business in 1890, a brief overview of the die-cutting process based on Page’s patent filings, and the publication history of this specimen.

The book is in stock to ship now; see:

Alternatively, you can ask your local indie bookstore to easily order it for you from their wholesaler, or look for it on and other online retailers. Since this book is set up for print-on-demand, it should also be available in a number of countries through the local Amazon websites such as,, etc., without the expense and delay of international shipping.

Matt Kelsey
Liber Apertus Press

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