What to look for in a C&P?

I have the option of purchasing a C&P 12x18 Letterpress Kimbel 110 Volt variable speed motor (new series press). I plan to start my own business (on the side) — hoping to make a plunge into it full-time in the near future. Is this a good press to start off with? And, when looking at the press, what should I look for to know if its in good condition? What questions do I need to ask??

Are there any printers in the Chicago area that use a C&P and can help me with the purchase?? Or atleast look at the equipment and give me an opinion??


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Try to contact Paul Akin at the Platen press Museum just north of Chicago in Zion, IL. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and has a myriade of different presses at his museum. It is probably well worth the trip for you to go up there sometime and see first-hand the variety of presses that exist and what their pros and cons are. You can call Paul at 847/746-8170. He also sells presses and miscellaneous supplies and equipment from time to time, so he should be a great resource for you.

Good luck,


Updated. Thanks Rick for the information. I will give Paul a call!