Kelsey Excelsior Model “F” ?

I have come across a Kelsey Excelsior “Model F” (so I’m told, I havent seen it in person — see photo) a table top lever press. I can’t find any references to the Model F anywhere. Any one know anything about it? It may be for sale so I’m curious.

image: DSC01762.jpg

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Are u spelling this press
What is size

It is there biggest hand press Made after 1892 9x13 chase. I think they stopped making this size around 1917. it is made heaver then the later presses of that look. I would not pass it up look how it makes that book press look small. I have new rubber rollers for it in stock.

Gailying and Todd,

note the original post was made in 2007. I suspect the press has sold by now :)

wow missed that