KF 152

Does anyone know who the manufactuer is of this photopolymer product?
I know that Boxcar press are a supplier however I am looking for someone a little closer to home as the shipping on the product could be costly.

I am in Australia and just looking at the options.
It may indeed in the end be cheaper to source this product from the US

Thank you in advance,


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Toyobo has a KF152. I am not sure if this is the brand that Boxcar sells. It is not revealed on the website.

If it is Toyobo, it is quite expensive, and if it is Toyobo, Boxcar is selling these at near half price. Can’t do better than that.


Updated. If it is Toyobo Printight, Anderson & Vreeland has it. They have a branch in Australia. For the address, go to the following website and scroll down to the bottom: http://www.andersonvreeland.com/PDFs/Printight.pdf

I didn’t see KF 152 listed, but KM 152 is listed. I didn’t see KF 152 listed on Toyobo’s website either (but I’m sure Gerald knows more about this that I do, so if he says they have it, I’m sure he is correct). Maybe your supplier of KF 152 gets it on special order. I think KF 152 is on a film base and KM 152 is on a metal base. Perhaps you could use the metal base material. There are a lot of other thicknesses of KF and KM plates listed, however. It might be possible to go with another thickness, and make the necessary adjustments to the plate mounting or the press. This would take some R&D.

Anderson & Vreeland is probably going to want to sell you a box of plate material. (We used to use this to make masters to make bakelite molds to mold rubber flexo plates years ago; that is why I know about it). I think there are 20 sheets in a box, and the A2 size is 16 1/2 X 23 3/8 inches. You might be able to buy a box with smaller dimensions than the A2 size.

I guess its worth looking into, but as Gerald says, it might very well be cheaper to buy from Boxcar and pay the shipping.


Thank you everyone. I have had 2 phone calls today already from local suppliers that stock the product. However as Gerald mentioned it is still looking more attactive to purchase the polymer from boxcar press. How strange when the manufacturer is in Japan and that is really not that far from here!!!

Based on the pricing I can find on this product I’d say that Boxcar is buying by the boxcar, literally, and is therefore able to offer better pricing.


Hello Megan,
My name is Stuart Grimshaw from Anderson Vreeland USA. I happen to be catching up on emails on Briar Press site and saw you were interested in the toyobo product KF152. We sell the complete Toyobo product line. As matter of fact we sell to Boxcar as well. I have attached the most recent lit on the Printight line. We do sell single sheets qtys as well as full cases. Sizes go from A-1 to A-4 sizes. Can I be of service to you? I have placed a link to our wesite as well. www.andvre.com

Best Regards Stuart Grimshaw
AV Techincal Sales Representive