Hamilton Wayzgoose

So, who’s going?

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i am

This is my first wayzgoose. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m just excited to get back to Hamilton again.

How was it?

It’s this weekend.

I’ll be there. Jim told me that he thinks there will be around 80 people registered for it. Shoulde be a GREAT time! I’ll be there sometime late afternoon on Friday.


I probably also should have mentioned that there is currently an exhibit of around 70 of my printed pieces on display at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. This is not mentioned in the Wayzgoose information because there was a fear that such news might draw such a huge crowd that it would simply overload the resources of Two Rivers for lodging and eating accomodations!

All kidding aside, I do coinicidentally have an exhibit of my work currently hanging there.