source for stationary or reproduction

I am looking for a source for stationary I once purchased in NY. I am down to my last few sheets and the shop no longer carries and cannot order these note cards and envelopes. I am uploading a photograph.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Edit - I can see the thumbnail for my photo but for some reason it does not appear in my post. Perhaps I am missing a step?

image: IMGP0125.JPG

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We definitely need a photo to have even a remote chance at identification.

Hello All,
I had a few suggestions for printers but had no luck in finding someone to reproduce the “tippler”. Any assistance would be greatly appreciates.

You are looking for two people; a graphic designer and a printer (although many printers can do both).

First, send the original sheet to a graphic designer where it will be scanned at high resolution and converted to black & white. Then the scan is cleaned up in Photoshop. When this process is done, the image is sent to a platemaker for creation of a photopolymer plate or magnesium die, depending on the printers preference.

Next, once you have the plate/die made, send it and the original sheet to the printer where the ink will be matched, paper choice made and it can be printed by letterpress.