ink issues & adjustable truck issues

I have a C&P new style 8x12, with rubber rollers and adjustable trucks. I have had a hard time adjusting the trucks (one I can’t seem to get to adjust at all..)

In what I was printing this weekend an issue kept coming up, some of the type is just not clear, I think the ink is not just getting on the plate but also down below and that is printing. But not every print is affected. (but most at least a little bit on the smallest type. I put tape on the rails to compensate for my inability to adjust the trucks ect. That really helped with the illustration part but not so much with the text so I put on more..

Im using rubber based ink, its a color I mixed. The ink is old but I was told that wasn’t an issue..

Plates are magnesium from Owosso. (mounted on wood)

I was printing on Lettra Ecru 110lb stock….

I scanned it but it looks worse in the scan…

Ideas? I think it relates to the rollers but if you have other ideas of things to try I would appreciate the input.


image: letterpressscan-crop.gif

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Hi Angela,
Do you have a roller setting gauge? That would be a big help to diagnose the source of the problem. NA Graphics sells them.

You may also be over-inking. Platen presses don’t need much ink. I usually start with a dab about the size of a pea and run it with the chase removed until it is evenly distributed Then I put the chase back in and run a test print to see if it needs a little more. It is so much easier to add more ink then it is to take it off.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I do have a roller setting gauge, my wonderful dad made it for me! (It’s a life saver — my printing immediately improved.) Its how I knew that I needed to adjust my trucks but they are stuck it seems..

Yes I may be over inking, and I asked myself that too.. I tried to start light but the ink came out gold (when it was supposed to be an olive green color!) I did notice also some splattering of ink on the non printing areas of the plate (I dont put the chase in until after I get the ink all spread out, but once I need to add a bit more ink then I think it gets messy..