did Vandercook make the Nolan Presses?

For years and years I thought that Vandercook made Vandercooks and Nolan made Nolans….. but I guess I’m incorrect. Just minutes ago I saw a “Vandercook” listed on E-Bay that says “Nolan Printing Equipment, Rome, NY” right on it. It LOOKS just like my old Nolan, but the listing says it is a Vandcook, made in Chicago Ill.

Hhhmmmmm….. Did Vandercook make Nolans under contract? OR is this vendor less than well informed? Do i actually own a Vandercook? Wow….

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I don’t think Vandercook made the Nolans.

Quoted from Vandercookpress.info-
“Nolan Corporation was a maker of composing room and bindery equipment for the newspaper industry, and later nonprinting equipment and tools.

After a serious labor union dispute in 1951, founder Edward Nolan (1907-1983) left the company. He then moved to nearby Pulaski NY and started the United States Forge and Foundry, which built Reprex presses and also continued to make press parts for the Nolan Corp. See note for Reprex presses.

Distributed by American Wood Type Manufacturing Co. 1955-56 AWT Catalog, p200.”

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

That’s what I always thought. Maybe somebody ought to send the E-Bay guy a note….


I guess somebody told him… since it’s been edited already.

(Actually, it’s not a bad looking little press, though)

That probably would have been me! I couldn’t see letting this guy try to fool someone into buying it by calling it a Vandercook… Sheeesh

Good Work Mlarndt!