Bean Creek Press


Included in the 1982 edition of the International Register, the source of the online edition. Details.

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This was the private press of Charlie Hinde in Santa Clara, California

Both Charlie (a professional typographer) and his wife
(Frances) passed-away approximately 15-years ago.

Charlie Hinde (July 2, 1918 - July 22, 2012) first worked in a print shop in 1934. Except for service in the Navy during WWII, he was employed as a printer until retiring in July 1980. He established his private Bean Creek Press in the 1970s. He joined several hobby printing or publishing groups: the Moxon Chappel (based in the San Francisco Bay Area) in January 1976, the Amalgamated Printers’ Association four years later, and the American Amateur Press Association in 1983. He turned out beautiful posters on his Vandercook Universal I press using his extensive wood type collection. He also used a 7x11 C&P Oldstyle to print keepsakes for friends and family. He published “Bean Creek Meanderings” (17 issues between 1986 and 1994) and “The Old Timer” (45 issues between 1994 and 2003) for the hobby groups. Health issues curtailed his letterpress printing activities around 1999, and he sold his shop in 2003. He died in July 2012, just a few months after his wife, Frances.