Paying for your ad: you decide

The primary mission of Briar Press is non-commercial: we offer free services for hobby printers and letterpress enthusiasts.

Dealers, resellers, and letterpress business owners may also place classified ads and use our other services. However, if your ad concerns or directly supports your business or a letterpress connected business venture, if you regularly resell printing equipment or products, or if the item(s) you are selling are of a significant value, we ask that you support our site with a small payment. This financial contribution to our cause will help us pay our web site expenses so we can continue to offer free services.

You decide what price is fair

The price of your ad is up to you: pay what you think is fair. Let the value of the item or service you are advertising be your guide in determining the price.

Suppose you’re using the classifieds to sell a press for hundreds or thousands of dollars: your ad might warrant a greater contribution than an ad for a $10 book.

Simply put, we ask that you recognize when your use of the classifieds service is substantial enough to support us in return.