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Thanks ericm and Dennis, this was...19 Mar
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WOW - BIG THANKS (screaming thank you...11 Mar
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We pulled the old shear collar today....10 Mar
bppayn, thanks for the feedback about...6 Mar
We have not had a noticeable change in...6 Mar
Frank - I also ran a Miehle V50 in the...3 Mar
I have always used caliper rather than...3 Mar
Frank - thanks for feed back - Base...3 Mar
ericm - thank you for the feedback. We...2 Mar
Good Morning, What part of California...28 Feb
I have a windmill with the foil puller...26 Feb
Try Rolly at Crownflexo. 925-206-403021 Feb
Not sure where you are located. Also...15 Feb
I am not sure if your plates are image...12 Feb
Havenpress - Love your comments and...11 Feb
Cold Embossing/Debossing with...11 Feb
About 15-20 years ago pressman was one...10 Feb
bppayne- the underside wear was from a...4 Feb
Thank you for the feedback. I could...23 Jan
Thank you for the feedback. The...22 Jan
Thanks for the help. This something I...20 Jan
The plate looked pretty good. I don't...19 Jan
Thanks for the feedback. I was...4 Jan
Thank you for the feedback2 Jan
Hi Bruce, first of all thanks for the...12 Dec
Thanks for the feed back. I respect...11 Dec
Thanks for the feedback. Bruce next...11 Dec
Thank you for the feed back. I see so...10 Dec
Express Die 13075 Park St., Santa Fe...29 Nov
Thanks again for making me smarter....16 Nov
Thanks guys for all the great feedback....27 Oct
Thanks for the feed back. We are...21 Oct
The ductor and distbutor rollers should...25 Sep
Thank you all for the feed back. There...11 Sep
ericm - Thanks for the feed back. We...31 Jul
Mike - glad your busy- keep it up. For...25 Jul