16 gauge vs .25 dies

I’m fairly new to this and am still learning as always. I am currently, hot foil stamping on my 10x15 windmill. I am currently using .25 inch magnesium dies. I would like to make the switch to 16 gauge dies. I need the cost cheaper to do more custom work. I am stamping napkins. What do I use to account for the height difference to make it type high?

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I stopped using mag dies.
A) My price between mag and copper is not that much different.
B) Considering that the copper is readily recyclable, I consider it cheaper.
C) I no longer have a given amount of a flammable metal around, or more importantly, it’s saw dust and shavings from trimming
I keep dies for 12 months, unless the customer has an annual project. Pile up some old dies and go get some cash.

Copper has been so much more expensive. Where do you get your dies?
Steve V.

I buy my .25 copper dies from Universal Engraving. I started to use the gang pricing option for making multiple small dies at the same time. I also footprinted by base to work with bore holes for mounting instead of bunter posts. The bore holes with a counter sunk are an exact match to the threaded holes on the base. I can place and bolt a die in 60 seconds and be straight and ready to go. It took a little time to work out but I can now do 2 color tight register foil jobs with limited setup time. I also use photopolymer with ink along with foil with dead on the money registration. We mount the foil plate chase and run about 40-50 sheet with hit only to get location on the sheets since it harder to move a foil die than a photopolymer one. We then insert the photopolymer base and use the sheets for setup placement and run the photopolymer ( ink) portain of the job. After that we take the and put the hot plate back in and run the foil.

I had 3 windmills set up with sterling base, using toggles to move dies. Heater rods were interspersed along the base. It worked well. I’m not sure where to get this custom base anymore. Here’s info on my supplier, he’s probably retired by now https://www.briarpress.org/56295
Copper is the way to go; but napkins are usually short run, and may be ok with mag. I won’t run anything with mag anymore, too much wear, and easily damaged.