Is it okay to store my press in the garage during the summer? I took off the rollers so that they aren’t affected by the humidity, but i’m now concerned about the iron on the press. Will it be okay in the hot humidity (100+ degrees) or will it degrade/rust faster?

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Any unprotected metal will degrade and rust in that environment. It doesn’t just apply to presses, but, to any machine with exposed metal. It’s not how high the temperature is, but, the humidity. I have not done any research, but, there must be some type of spray protectant that could guard against the rust. Oil works of course. Wax works as well. But, I think there is probably a spray that would be easier and ensure coverage.

John F

Unless you’re concerned about aesthetics, I wouldn’t worry too much about most of the press. A light coating of automotive grease on the ink disc, platen, and bed surfaces and a good oiling of the bearings and the press will be OK. I once had a press that had been stored outdoors in a crate treated like the above and when I cleaned off the grease it was in fine condition.