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Letterpress printing pressure per square inch3 Oct 22
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Sorry - inadvertent double post.15 Jul
John M. Jones’s Lightning jobbers are...15 Jul
I don’t know the model number of the...14 Jul
A skilled welder or black smith should...14 Jul
Apparently a “Boston tiegel”, looks...27 Jun
Also, I suggest get some 80-90 weight...25 Jun
Figure on having some way to lift heavy...25 Jun
Doubledip25 Jun
Another quick comment! Check the big...25 Jun
By “cycles” do you mean revolutions...25 Jun
Based on the misalignment I wonder if...22 Jun
Based on the misalignment I wonder if...22 Jun
A rough stone proof of some of it would...12 Jun
Accidental duplicate2 Jun
Note that for Briar Press, photos need...2 Jun
This press should be recorded in the...31 May
My guess without direct experience is...17 Jan
Think of the piece of type as a block...9 Jan
Some years ago I designed and built a...6 Jan
I would suggest that for the kind of...5 Jan
Or get a type case, and pick up each...12 Dec
The Hogenforst Rapid is also a...30 Sep
Sorry, double post due to slow...29 Aug
Another consideration is that the the...29 Aug
I have now scanned the 16pp-plus-cover...10 Aug
Yes, the “pusher” behind the platen...9 Aug
It seems something is funny about...9 Aug
Sorry, Sasha, I just saw your...9 Aug
I would be suspicious of the taped...7 Aug
If the picture shows the “plunger”...4 Aug
You will need, I think, either to find...27 Jul
I think the comment about the springs...27 Jul
The casting may be a different size on...18 Jul
Well, live and learn! I just looked up...8 Jul
OK, I looked at your photos and video...8 Jul
I used drill rod, which is precisely...6 Jul
(Double post due to server error)6 Jul
It does look in the rh photo top row...6 Jul
As to using the Adana rollers, be sure...1 Jul
The one Britannia I have a photo of is...30 Jun