Cleaning Rollers on Meihle Vertical

Is there an easy way to clean the rollers on V-50 Meihle Vertical?

I drop the rollers down to clean them with a rag, but, I just can’t get them as clean as I want.

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A D you will probably find that after you have dropped the roller carriages down, they (the rubber/treothene) rollers will flip out via the little sprung loaded dogs, individually, and then stand upright in a little concave wood or plastic dish. (protection for the stubs!!) Plus (perhaps) an in depth investigation of the sprung loaded brass retaining dogs, for wear!! They do work hard and do wear and get overlooked!! This is/was the sight of rollers hopping out on the run, especially in vertical form. Way Back they would have been ordered up by the dozen, as stand by! and frequently a few at a time immersed in solvent,!! Ink had a nasty habit of congealing inside the tiny springs???

Thank you, So, I can remove the rollers and do a better job of cleaning them.

A D yes Sir you have it! One more step for what it is worth!!! Your steel intermediate and reciprocater Rollers are perhaps not so easily removable, so a long time ago, with a little ingenuity, and a length of “C” channel plastic guttering, constructed a dustpan style, hand held, catchment trough, for use under the steel roller train, especially useful if/when having to use, caustic based, dried on ink remover. In essence a variation of Heidelberg,s auto wash up attachment. O.K. Loads or Rags, to soak up, from ground level, or worse with no drip tray, and even oil absorbent granules trying to cope as “an afterthought” not very scientific??? Any Machine, but especially, The Vertical, covered in streaks of every colour, ink, that was ever used, just looks SO SAD. hope this helps***

This is off topic for this string, but I post it here because I think you read everything on B P, right Mate?

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