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I recently was given a number of pieces of the aluminum base seen in the photo. Actually quite a lot of it. (more than I need) I have something I would like to print using this system if possible. First, it would be nice if I had a name for it. Second, I cannot use it without having some hooks used to hold the plates to the base. Does anyone recognize this, have a name for it, and most importantly have any hooks they are willing to part with. Trades or outright purchase, whatever. These are marked The Printing Machinery Co. Cinci. Oh. on the back. I would also be willing to trade some sections for hooks if that is desirable. It is quite well made and still in good shape.

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John, it looks familiar to me, I think I saw one like it on Saturday???

This is Warnock base. No longer made and finding the special hooks used will be a problem. Gerald Beiler had a set of 4 for sale recently.


Warnock base was made in thin- and thick-lipped versions and you need the hooks intended for the version. I think a thin-lip is shown. If you have any of their filler blocks (U-channels with teeth to lock in place), to support a plate over the grooves, it would be a more attractive option, especially if you are considering heavy-impression work. Otherwise it is just furniture.
I think the keys were the same size as Sterling, but with a crank for faster action. It also helps to have the large tweezers that allow the hooks to be removed from the middle of the groove, rather than cranking them out of the end.

Thanks for the help.


I did check and I have both types, thick and thin lipped. I have the little cranks as well.

These are for photomechanical engravings. I’d have to check the correct thickness required. Parallel would know.



If patent dates are any indicator, they would appear to be the thin lipped design I am guessing. These base pieces have the same patent dates of 06 & 11 that are mentioned in Gerald’s blog for thin hooks. I currently only have base pieces and none of the necessary accessories, but several people have responded and have some of what I am looking for. I do not push my presses to do deep impression so I don’t see the grooves as a limitation with the thickness of plates (11 pts) these use, but, now that I know fillers existed, I will look to find them as well. I understand what you are saying about the tweezers. I take it cranking the hooks in is not the fastest operation.


I am interested and we can discuss via email.


You can see pictures of the Warnock tools in a late ’40s ATF Printer’s Equipment catalog.