Any clues…?

I got this wooden box filled with mysterious machine parts when I purchased a press a couple of years back. No idea what these may be or if they are of any use to anyone…Maybe something for a linotype or other typesetting machine…? Any clues?

image: Box.jpg


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Looks to me like the cleaning tools for a Ludlow line-caster.

…of any interest to anyone?

Not a Ludlow, but rather an Elrod stripcaster (which was manufactured by the Ludlow company).

(Yes, I might be interested; drop me a note off-list.)

David M.
[email protected]

Thanks for the info, folks.

I have a tool box and 13 molds for sale.
Anyone interested?
[email protected]

That is a very complete kit used to torture citizens who presented articles to be printed without proofreading.

Lots of interest, which is a surprise.
I’m shipping the molds and tool box off to New Mexico.
Hope they find a good home.