Obtaining position/register w/ deckled paper on Windmill

I’m about to experiment printing deckled-edged paper on my Windmill. I’m thinking two-three inks on 12x18” cotton paper. Any advice? I suspect it will be a bit of a challenge getting position/register the inks? Any tricks? I’d imagine I’m not the only one who’s ever tried it.

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Are you planning on cutting the sheet to 9x12 to print? That will give you two edges to register to. If not, I am not sure how to accomplish perfect registration on a three-color image. I am assuming the deckle is off the 12-inch side.


there is a conversation about this on the Vanderblog site.

You might want to try a carrier sheet. A sheet larger than your deckeled sheet. Place a piece of translucent stock on top of and put it in the grippers along with your carrier. Print the translucent with the carrier in place. When you put your deckled sheet in position place it between the printed translucent and the carrier. Line up the image in register with the now printed translucent and tape the deckled stock in position on the carrier. Remove the translucent before each run. Could work.

There are quite a few ways to handle this on a handfed press as Steve mentions above. Mounting the sheets on a larger carrier with painter’s tape works for short runs. If register is not tight, the sheets will sit at roughly the same position on gauge pins, allowing for relative register.

Sorry, everyone - for some reason my question was double posted. Thanks everyone! Holy cow… looked at Steve Varvaro’s vandercook suggestion. I think I might have to cut two straight edges for bottom/pump-side register or just waste a hell of a lot of expensive stock on mis-registered inks.