Golding Jobber roller arm stuck

Hello! I have a Golding Jobber #6 that I have been working on cleaning & fixing. I got it from someone who hadn’t printed on it in 6 years & it was pretty grimy. It’s looking pretty good except one roller arm (the upper one on the right as you look at the press) is stuck semi-extended up. All of the other arms are fine & move as they should except for this one. I’m sure it’s just dirty/grimy/rusty but I’ve tried 3 in 1 oil & wiping it down as best I can. It’s still stuck. I’m not sure if it needs to come out to be cleaned but I don’t know how to take it out.
Any ideas would be so appreciated!! Thank you!!

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Can you post a picture from both the outside and inside showing the hook? I can instruct you on how to remove it if it needs to be removed, but, it may not be necessary. A couple of pictures from both sides will help tell what is needed.


Hi John,
Here’s some pictures, I realized it’s the bottom not the top roller arm. It’s just slightly extended but I can’t get it to move out of that position.
Thanks so much for any help!

image: IMG_2060.JPG


image: IMG_2062.JPG


It looks like the hook is twisted a bit — as I remember those have a flat on the shaft to maintain them at the correct angle. Perhaps the hook is binding because it is twisted? You could try straightening it so it’s parallel with the others. However, I also see a lug on it, which runs in a guide slot, and which also could be worn and jammed because of being turned.



It does not look to me that you need to remove this hook. If anything, it looks better than the top one, especially where the spring goes into the casting of the ink frame. I think it has gotten stuck too far “in”. Jobber hooks change from being round to having flats where the actual hook forms. This flat area can get stuck in the ink frame hole if the hook is allowed to snap back in after removing a roller. I think you need to pry the hook out with something placed between the end of the hook and the ink frame. Do not pry too hard. That’s my best guess from looking at the pictures and not being there first hand to look. I am suggesting at this point not to remove the hook as they are not too bad to remove, but, a pain to reinstall.



It is the pin/lug that rides in the guide slot that keeps the hook oriented properly. The flats are on the Pearls.


With respect and in no way to detract from anything already posted, is it not as simple as, before any dismantling, with a small Copper/Hide/Nylon hammer and suitable size Copper drift, even 2 em wide cornerstone furniture (alloy) ascertaining if the offending part is stuck IN or OUT 50/50 either way.???

And then gradually with patience (and maybe a little liquid metal polish as mild abrasive worked into onto the rods through the eye(s) tapped progressively out/in etc.

Even possibly tiny mild shot from D.I.Y. blow torch just enough to expand the *Eye,s* including gentle rotation (if at all possible) Simultaneously.

Apologies if the Ramblings from afar are rubbish.

Thanks to everyone! Right now I’m going to hope nothing’s bent & am just spraying it liberally with wd40 rust spray. The hook is starting to wiggle back & forth a bit (side to side) but won’t budge up & down but I’m hoping just more time & oil will get it free.
Mick, it’s stuck kind of half up half down. The rollers are hopefully coming next week & I wanted to get this solved before they came in. The blow torch sounds a bit scary so I think I’ll keep going with the oil & trying to move it. I’ll try prying it up later today

K.M. thank you for the nod, yes Blow torch does sound a little drastic but I did justify it with the *Mild Shot* expression, like milliseconds, perhaps you may like to try and warm it up a little by using a *poultice* i.e.piece of toweling with hot water wrapped around, just enough to warm the *eye* up 1/2 a degree or so.

Is it still possible to combine the W D with gentle taps in and out with soft hammer, assisted by your already stated *wiggle*. and maybe second pair of hands.??

A combination of the above would still seem preferable than harder *Prying* usually and as pictured, the roller core/shaft tends to wear at the apex of the horseshoe? making it thin and vulnerable to side ways thrust, it appears a fairly substantial part to lever against, especially if there is a long lever involved, hopefully to be avoided, or at the very least and if possible 2 shorter levers at 180 degrees, to give a fighting chance for no further damage.

One more stab in the dark, is it possible to ascertain IF the offending part is actually tight in the Outer Eye just under the hook, or could the problem actually be on the inner end
via a broken spring that has become Coil Bound.?

Your 2062 shot looks a little suspect, Could it be the retaining washer and or the split pin, on the (pictured) lower rod and spring.??

Good Luck. Mick.

Well, I’ve figured out the roller hook is slightly bent which is why it’s getting stuck. I’m guessing the only option is to take off the lyre and then try to straighten it out.

I was able to get the roller hook out without removing the lyre and figured out the problem, the roller hoo is bent. I’ve attached a pic here. Any advice on how to straighten it out or where I could possibly get a new one?
Thanks again to everyone who has weighed in and helped out!

image: IMG_2113.JPG


2 possibilities for starters, with a substantial surface preferably a conventional stone, or steel plate support the bent hook with brass, copper, nylon, or similar supports as *feet* left and right equidistant from the percieved bend with the apex of the bridge uppermost, with a Brass or Copper hammer as many taps from above (not blows) persuade it back to the straight, checking on a flat surface with flashlight or lamp under for line of sight or hopefully otherwise.


Basically same principle i.e. with normal bench vice D.I.Y. style, 2 supporting feet and the soft hammer replaced with centre pressure point and the vice used as a minature mechanical press, with even a tiny vice Hobby Style perfect straightening with virtual no effort, plus possibly strip of white card under the *Arm/Hook* low down in the jaws of the vice to give an excellent line of sight/perspective for perfect alignment,

+ Before refitting *Linnish* the nasty looking marks out, with strips of medium to fine Emery cloth, 1/2” wide. (ish.?)

Good Luck. Mick

I found a machine shop that straightened the roller hook and everything works perfect! Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Did you get to see what they did to straighten it?

Hi Lammy, sorry I just checked back in on this feed. No idea, it’s my friends’ shop so she just took it and gave it back straightened out. I wish I knew how they did it!