Tarbett Phemister platen press

I’m looking for any information on the Tarbett-Phemister platen
press. Does anyone have such a press ? Online searching has not turned up much so far.
It’s in decent shape. It has the treadle hook but not the treadle.

image: front.JPG


image: side.JPG


image: brassplate.JPG


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That looks speciously like a Golding press to me.

Tarbett & Fraser was a company in Boston in, I think, the mid-19th century who made a Washington hand press. Perhaps Fraser left and Tarbett took another partner, after Golding’s patents expired, and, like another Boston company, built copies of the Golding Jobber and maybe the Pearl as well. Is that tag the only identification on the press? Nothing in raised letters on a casting somewhere?


Looking through Sterne, page 173, it appears to be a badged Prouty job press.
It would not have had a treadle as it has the belt drive fitting

image: Prouty.jpg


Not just belt-driven, but apparently with belt shifter and idler pulley. You don’t see that very often.
It also looks like the flywheel has been reversed from what is shown in the Prouty ad. Others may know if the Prouty has a proper direction regarding timing, but with curved spokes, the flywheel has a safe and an unsafe direction of rotation: the leading edge of spokes is the obtuse angle, which would tend to push a hand away, rather than the acute angle, which could grab.

As a Golding enthusiast, I, like others saw the similarities to
the Golding Jobber. I knew it wasn’t a Golding, but, followed the thread to see it properly identified. There are many manufacturers that made presses that have features or designs similar to different Golding models, especially the Pearl model line. I have yet to find a manufacturer that Golding imitated. It would seem William Hughson Golding and his presses were held in pretty high regard.

I am currently working on an early Golding Jobber of a design that no one has seen before, and it also had its flywheel on backwards. The casting is the same on either side of the hub, so it is not clear which way it should go on other than the spokes. I suspect that is the case on this presses flywheel.