Not quite Copperplate Gothic

Hmm … having looked at the serifs on the C G and S, I don’t think this is Copperplate Gothic after all. It is an all-caps face, a bit dinged up. Any ideas?

image: Not quite CP.jpg

Not quite CP.jpg

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This looks like Tiffany Gothic (later called Plate Gothic according to McGrew)—a face offered by ATF very early in the 20th century. Some showings have a different G than yours, but my font has the same G as yours. Here is a specimen with your G in the 1902 ATF catalog.

That it does! That’s exciting — thank you! I read up more here:

This deepens a mystery I’m working on. My font comes from a shop (a garage, really) most likely active from 1928-1941. I was assuming that all the fonts were acquired from Kelsey along with the press, but perhaps this one is older? I don’t see it in the 1928-29 Kelsey catalog.