Wood type manufacturer’s stamp

I have a font of 10 line Antique Tuscan stamped with S.B.S. Does anyone know who that manufacturer is?

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Kelly states, on page 41 of his book, that he believed that S.B.S was the mark of Bill, Stark, between 1850 and 1853. I still have a font with that mark, but it is shown in the book as a Cooley face. The Bill brother’s equipment was later acquired by Page, but the patterns may have been acquired by Cooley.

Dave Greer

Thank you, Dave.

Digging around, I see that they are credited with a Concave Tuscan (1853). Mine is an Antique Tuscan.

I wonder why the second “S”?

Kelly thought that there was another partner’s name starting with ‘S’ at the time of that imprint (1852—1853) and that they withdrew when the company became Bill, Stark & Co. After Stark withdrew (late 1853 — early 1854) the company became H & J Bill, until it failed in late 1854.

Hi Dave,

I don’t mean to high jack the thread, but, it seems over and I had a couple of questions for you on some recently acquired wood type. I purchased a 6 line Streamer No. 2 font and it appears to be a complete 3 A font for letters and punctuation. I think it is missing at least 1/2 a decorative end pieces if 6 sets came with it. Do you know how many end pieces would have been provided?

The other is I believe this font was misidentified as Antique Tuscan Outlined where it should be Antique Tuscan shaded? (15 line) Is this a commonly found font? Page 1859

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