Identify this press

Fun for all that love old presses. I picked this up today. I have tentatively identified the press, but, I am going to hold my thoughts for a bit and let those that are interested weigh in. I will say, I don’t believe another like it has surfaced to date. There are no identifying marks on the press.

image: letterpress.JPG


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Gonna take a wild stab without research: Krause, Germany. The Germans made so many different “Boston Tiegels” and I have not done more than scratch the surface a little.


Hi Bob,

This was made in Boston


Boston is right, William b. Gorham, press is the Agate.

image: 157608scr_67bb162acbdab86.jpg


Nice detective work Ernst! I also believe it is a William Gorham Agate lever press based on the size of the chase , style and Elizabeth Harris’ information in her book, Personal Impressions.

yes thats the book were i found it: page 117