Garamond in the W, not in the Q

Hello! Looking for help with this wood type, 8 line no manufacturer stamp. Missing some letters but hoping the ones we do have can be identified. The W looks like a Garamond, however the Q is very distinct in it’s tail and is not Garamond. Thank you for your insights!

image: Garamond.jpg


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It appears to match Hamilton’s Garamond Bold No. 804 but the Q is not shown in my booklet.

Dave Greer

Is the Q an alternate that avoids a descender, saving wood?

I just checked my font of Garamond Bold and it has those same Qs. I’m sure it was redesigned to avoid a desender.

Most versions of Garamond have an open ‘bowl’ on cap P: however, this one is closed.

I suspect the P may be from another font. It does not have the same height as the other letters.