Gothic Wood Type

Hi All, I know some would say just get to printing, but I need to just post and see if anyone can give insight into this gothic wood type, 8 line no manufacturer stamp, however, I believe it to be Hamilton based on the foot marks. This type was mixed in with no. 4050 but it seems to be a mixture of a bunch of different gothics. Looking for some confirmation/rebuttals to the names I’ve marked as. Also in the numbers, the #5’s interior shape is odd, and very rounded and I haven’t found a 5 like this in the type ID books I’m looking through. Hoping to have clarity on this as I’m organizing and documenting a wood-type collection at my job. Thank you!

image: Gothic101.jpg


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I believe the $ is from No. 4050.

No. 6243, btw, was used in civil rights strikes and marches of 1968 and has been revived as VTC Martin.