Old Shaded Typeface ID

Hi again printers

This ornamented face looks straight out of the Victorian age. If anyone can help me ID it I would really appreciate it. There is a pin mark but even under extreme magnification, I can’t make it out. Thanks in advance!

Mike Moore APA 996

PS: the box it came in is labeled “Ruskin 12 JR18” if that helps. I would like to know more about who designed it and when it was cast.

image: IMG_0199.JPG


image: IMG_0200.jpg


image: Pinmark2.jpg


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Ruskin is the proper name for this typeface. It was first made by MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan (Philadelphia) in 1880, designer William Jackson. Great Victorian face! Any pinmark with a triangle is most likely from MacKellar, S & J. Click on this link for a page from their 1891 specimen book.

Thank you Bob and thanks for the reference link. I think this one is a keeper!