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I have a couple of fonts that predate the American point system, coming in at just over 16 points and almost 25 points respectively (using today’s points). Anyway, a monoline roman with smart triangular serifs. Each size has regular and small caps. It is showing a MacKellar Smith & Jordan pin mark.

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Mike Moore

image: IMG_0109.JPG


image: PinMark


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This appears to be Norman Condensed, a popular job face made by many nineteenth century type foundries, often found under other names. Henry Lewis Bullen stated it was the first design created by Joseph W. Phinney, probably about 1870. It is basically a condensed version of Celtic: thin, low contrast and pointed serifs. These and similar types were widely used through about 1900.

Thank you! That sounds about right time-wise.


Mike Moore Letterkraft Press
APA 996


Thank you! From the Franklin Type Foundry! Right up the road from me!