Granjon fleurons (not the Monotype version)

Many years ago I bought a couple of sets of a special casting of 24pt Granjon fleurons from the US through eBay. They are not from Monotype mats and were probably specially cut. Two of the Monotype elements have been separated (see picture to compare to Monotype version) into two extra elements for adding extra colours and an additional small corner element has been added to the original six. Does anyone know where they came from and if the mats are still in existence? And are they still available? They were quite expensive back in 2012 and I didn’t buy many. But would like to acquire a quantity for large settings. Any help would be appreciated.

image: 20221117_094149.jpg


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Allen Stump cut some matrices of Granjon ornaments with Jim Rimmer, and did a casting, several galley’s worth. After Allen’s death, his former business partner may have sold some on eBay. Last I heard, the former partner’s storage was auctioned off.

That’s interesting. Guessing that the mats are no longer in existence or have been lost?