Kelsey 5x8 ink plate rotation

Based on the ratchets on the underside, it appears than some 5x8 presses rotate the plate CW and others CCW. Yes? Does anyone know why?

My press wants to rotate CW and the loaner plate I have is CCW. I really need to dig up the proper one, but until then…. Is it possible to rotate the shaft that holds the pawl so that another ink plate can be used? Of course it’s possible that somebody messed with this press before I got it and the pawl is wrong.

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Kelsey did change the rotation direction of disk at one point.
They were not made to be interchangeable with each other.

That’s what I thought, but is it possible to rotate the pawl/shaft so as to use the “wrong” place? (I can’t actually look at the press for a couple of days.)

The pawl and its arm are usual positioned to push against the disc as the press opens. Reversing the pawl to make it push the disc as the rollers ascend would not give the rotation much time before the rollers stopped it.


The modern 5 x 8 Kelsey presses have an extension of round stock (arm) upon which the pawl is attached and it pushes the disk up. The older 5 X 8 presses have a cast extension (arm) that pushes the disk down. The older pawl has a different shape than the modern one. I’m not sure the geometry is the same though we have both in our inventory. You are welcome to stop by and see for yourself. We are located in Minnesota. If you come, call first and plan to wear mittens and a hat.