Does anyone remount old cuts?

I have a couple of old cuts, each about 4 by 8 inches, whose wood bases are warped to where they don’t lie flat on the bed. Does anyone here know who could remount an old cut?

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I mount mine on MDF. But that depends on the depth of the metal.

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If you can pull one print, you might send the print to someone to make a new plate. In the alternative, you could scan it in Adobe to email. Once in Adobe, you could resize it you wish.

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Casey is right on. MDF is easily worked, and it doesn’t warp.
I had a client with historical cuts of different thicknesses, from zinc photoengravings to hand-engraved stereotype metal. With a shaper head on my radial arm saw, I made appropriate supports for every possible combination.
Consider adhesive mounting in calculating height. Plate nails are very particular and I doubt you could get them now.

Thanks all; that’s helpful. I haven’t measured the thickness of the metal yet (getting an accurate read will require removing it from the old base), but that should get me on my way.

tsven - My printing teacher, John Horn, taught his apprentices to mount plates on MDF … but of a common type: counter tops. You’ve seen them - the ones with Formica on top.

By applying the plate with double-sided sticky tape, you can create a stable base for your plates. The slick Formica surface makes it fairly easy to remove a plate and re-use it for another, as needed.

Using this method, you’ll never look at a scrap piece of counter top for sale in a thrift store the same way again. :)