Windmill wont turn on

Press was running all day. There was no strange sound or problem at all. I turned off the power to make an adjustment. When I went to turn it back on all I get is a load buzz from the motor but the motor does not turn back on.

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Instant thoughts, machine seized due to lack of lubrication or elecrical fault. How to check ? Take of belt from flywheel and see if motor starts, secondly see if you can turn the machine over by turning the flywheel. This should lead you to a conclusion. Good luck.

It was working one minute, turned off power to make a change. A few minutes later turned it back on and nothing but a buzzing. I am hoping it is internal bearing or lub issue. Power off and clutch engaged I can turn the flywheel and it turns freely. I don’t know a lot about motors but I see info on the web about the starting capacitor which I don’ t see an external one in this case. I also see info about the centrifical starting clutch and potential issues with contact relays. We are pulling the back cover today to see if we can find any issues.

Rather than try to fix it yourself (and risk “burning up the motor), you might remove the motor and take it to an electric motor shop for inspection and repair. Might save you some money in the long term. LD

240v motor? if it lost one leg could do that, check the wiring

Thanks for the helps guys. We did a push start - spun the flywheel while turning on the start button. It makes some noise tries to spin but fails to engage, after 30 seconds we shut it down. We are looking to see about repair but also may replace the motor. We are running a GE model 5kc184ag201c rated at 1725 RMP, 230 volts. If I decided to replace the motor can I go to say 1400 RPM motor. I know the press will run slower but I am ok with that. We are running 220 single phase now, any advice.

Problem solved it was the motor start capacitors. If you are in So Cal I found AAA electric motors in Anaheim and they are a big help.

Am parting out my windmill-the motor worked but it needs
220.It is original from 1956 when we bought new.If you are near N.Y.C you might want to make the trip and remove it if your handy.Needs to be done before end of month as lease expires.Ph 516 775-2193

I forgot to mention, the motor start capacitors are in the bottom of the motor frame on this motor. WE HAD TO REMOVE THE MOTOR. An hour or two get to -10 minutes to fix - an a hour or two to put the motor back on the press.