How to place, edit or remove a classified ad

To place an ad in the Classifieds, click on the blue link to the Classifieds on the right column of every page. In the left column of the new page, Click on the green link that says “Submit an ad.” Follow the steps in the form provided.

When you’re finished with a classified ad or if you wish to edit it, you can delete it or make changes yourself. Follow these steps:

  1. If you’re not logged in already, log in to Briar Press.
  2. Your profile page includes a list of your recent posts. Below your username and information you will see a heading that says “Recent content.” Your ad will appear under that heading . Click on the ad.
  3. On the top left of the page there is a box that says “Options: View, Edit.” Click edit, make the changes that you wish to make, and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a submit or delete button. Choose the appropriate button and your ad will be changed or removed instantly.
  4. If you are editing your ad to include a donation, click the box in the “Free or paid” section and follow the directions.

The title is the only part of an ad that can not be changed by a user after it has been posted. If you need to change the title of your ad, please delete the ad and submit a new one.

The photos in the Classifieds should only be 450 pixels wide.