Congratulations on getting the site up and running
Thank You for your efforts on providing this site

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I agree! Good Work! The new site looks great…. AND I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say Thank You for your efforts in getting things up and running.


This upgrade looks great ! And its good to have the museum on the new site too !

Many thanks !

Thanks so much! Now, where’s the “donate” button?

: )



Wonderful job on the new web site. Am especially pleased
with the new graphic design, etc.

Continued success to all at Briar who helped make this

Thanks for all your efforts to keep the craft of “letterpress”
printing alive!

Sal J. Zampino

Kudos to all involved. I can’t image what an undertaking it was when you threw the proverbial switch and the lights didn’t go on. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Don, Dave, printmonkey, Jacqui, Sal, and Lammy:

Thank you! Your vocal support is a real help to my spirits during long development stages. Elizabeth & I love to know that people are finding the site useful. I hope today's changes help even a bit more.


Can I also say a big congratulations.

This site has been an amazing resource for me, and I’d know far less about the art of letterpress if it weren’t for finding this site. I’ve also had clients comment on how fantastic the site is, and they’ve looked around the site for a while to find out more about the art.