A faster Briar Press, thanks to you

I’m very happy to announce that we successfully moved to a new and faster server this evening. Total downtime during the switch was about 20 minutes.

Tonight’s upgrade should put an end to the long delays and regular crashes that have been plaguing Briar Press for at least a year. The site should be much more responsive, especially during peak hours. I hope you can feel the difference.

I’d like to thank the many of you who have helped make these changes possible by donating to Briar Press, by buying ornaments from the Cuts & Caps collection, and by paying for classified ads. Your support means a lot to everybody, because it enables us to focus on our primary mission: providing free services to the letterpress community.

Development on the site continues; next up, we’re hoping to restore the email notification function, which will keep you informed about discussions you’ve joined. More to follow.

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Wow, the difference is night and day… great work and thanks for keeping the site moving forward.