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I have been away from printing for 20 years, but our local museum in the Midwest asked me to help set up a small display. They have a 10x15 C&P, a dozen type cases in a cabinet and a Ludlow with two cabinets of mats. Are there many Ludlows still in use? Would there be interest in one of the cabinets? (We only need one for display purposes)

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Up to about two years ago I was still using a Ludlow but the lead we was getting was just weak because I believe one of the things that are normally in the lead was no longer in it due to environmental issues. The lead was so full of holes you couldn’t get one impression without it collapsing and it bcame impossible to keep the Ludlow clean enough because of all the unwanted garbage in the lead. So we retired the Ludlow and sent everything to the offset dept. It’s sitting around somewhere in the building collecting dust. The company decided to get rid of all the (handset) type in the cases and we dumped about five tons of type!

I love my Ludlow and there’s still a few of us out here using them. How else am I going to set three paragraphs of 48 pt. type? There is an interest in Ludlow cabinets and mats. Where in the midwest are you?

John Horn

John: We are in SW Iowa. Would you like to know the fonts we have available? Would you be able to supply our museum with a few slugs for display purposes?
John Woolson

Dear Sir: I am located in NW MO and would be interested in the cabinet of extra hand type. Could you supply more info as to what type is available and size of cabinet.
Could you give e mail address or phone number

ph 660 944 2496

John: Your “location” in SW Iowa still does not tell us where you are. I am involved with the Printers’ Hall printing museum, also located in SW Iowa in Mt. Pleasant on the Old Threshers Grounds. We are a 4,000 sq. ft. facility and are in the process of setting up a Ludlow caster. We would probably be very interested in acquiring the ‘extra’ Ludlow mat cabinet that you don’t need.

I am located in central Iowa, but we will have a whole crew of volunteers at Printers’ Hall this coming weekend for some workdays to get two additional Heidelberg Windmills installed and some other equipment moved around. With all the help available this weekend, we could probably arrange to come and get the cabinet if you are fairly close-by.


Rick von Holdt
ph 515-677-2301

Don: Sorry to say the powers that be sold one cabinet of mats for scrap metal. We have retained one cabinet for display purposes, but may want to reduce inventory in the future. We are in Clarinda, Iowa. Do you have mats larger than 48 point? John Woolson

Rick: As I noted to Don, one cabinet of Ludlow mats has been disposed of, but we still have one that may not be needed in the near future. Let me know if interested. (Mt. Pleasant is more in the SE part of Iowa. We are 85 miles from Omaha)

Ludlow’s Eusebius is one of my favorite
Jensen’s and only Ludlow had it.
Nice range of weights.
Beau-coup ligature sets.

I like Stellar, too.

It was handy for a time (a while back)
when many rubber stamp companies
carried a selection of Ludlow fonts.

I wouldn’t mind again seeing
a working demonstration
of the Ludlow procedure.

Calvert Guthrie
Ragpicker Press
Kansas City

I have a Ludlow and 6 cabinets full of mats that I am putting up for sale along with other equipment including a Superfacer, Vandercook proof press, C&P press, Elrod spacing caster, and cabinets full of old decorative handset, borders, etc.
I am located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

image: Fonts logos racksetc..jpg

Fonts logos racksetc..jpg

image: Vandercook proof press.jpg

Vandercook proof press.jpg

image: Ludlow Supersurfacer SN.jpg

Ludlow Supersurfacer SN.jpg

image: Ludlow fonts 4 racks.jpg

Ludlow fonts 4 racks.jpg

WOW! don ‘t scrap any.. I’d be interested in paying what you’d get for scrap. I’ll take your LUDLOW fonts.

I only now required a Ludlow, after searching for more than a year. I live in South Africa, and these things are not freely available. The only problem is that the transport company decided that they would “loose” most of the type, rendering this machine sort of worthless. My question.
does anyone know where I could find any fonts. I am really desperate. I can be contacted on [email protected]