rollers on a pilot

I have a Pilot press and been doing some runs on it but what I find frustrating is that I constantly have to adjust my rollers. I do have new rollers but from job to job I have to add tape to my rails to get even inking. Is this normal or is their a way to to always keep my rollers alligned. What are some easier ways to adjust rollers for even inking?

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Rollers should not need adjustment dependent on the job being printed. They should be set and forgotten (in most cases), with checking done infrequently to make certain no change has occurred..

Do you think there might be some irregularities in your type form or the lockup in the chase which could be causing the problems you have noticed?

Well I’m not sure, I’ve been getting copper plates made so I believe they it should be just fine unless something is wrong with the copper plates. Anything else that I’m missing? Not sure if this helps but I’m on a Pilot Press.

Are your copper plates mounted on wood or honeycomb bases? Is the roller adjustment required in the middle of using the same plate or just when you switch plates?

I am using a wood base. The adjustments are overall and differant per plate but sometimes I need to make minnor adjustments during the run.

I have heard horror stories about even the best wooden bases not always being type high. I wonder if this could be part of your problem. You should rarely need to adjust your rollers or rails on a Pilot once you have everything printing.

Other factors I would consider are overinking and underinking the press. Overinking may lead you to adjust the rollers/rails in frustration. Always try starting with very little ink on a press as big as the Pilot. You shouldn’t need more than a pea-sized drop or two.

Do either of those explanations sound like a possibility?

This helps, I will try to use less ink and see if that helps. I’m going to try to use new hard packing instead of just paper and I’m also going to use new tape on my rails. I purchased a roller setting gauge to see if this can help.

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for all the help.

I figured it out, thanks everyone

About wooden bases: many are not all type high, that is for certain. However, once you shim them up they print just as well as metal bases….. the real trick is to set the block to type high, then make sure the rollers are right. Then viola! All is well with the world.