How much is this Heidelberg worth?

I have the undaunting job of selling the inventory of my father’s 1 man, garage located print shop. He has a Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress 10x15, model or seriel #111689E, one color. He told me before his death that he believes this press is in good condition. He has had it approx. 50 years. He printed a job on it as recently as February of this year (2008). We also have the furniture & many full typecases. I’m in the Dayton, OH area & am trying to determine the price to ask for this machine.

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I’d say anywhere in the range of $2500-$3500 depending on local demand, but the type, furniture, etc. should push it up a bit. Get more photos if you can.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

agreed. you can do a search for used letterpress and find plenty of sites listing this size windmill for sale in that price range.

I agree with Daniel at the Arm. All depends on your timing as well. If you’re willing to wait for a buyer who will pay the price you’re asking or if you need it out of the space asap.

We just paid $2500 plus $1500 for pick up, move and installation of our new press, red ball, no lock out, serial #135xxx (can’t remember last three numbers). The rollers are in great condition, has all the tools and prints hairline register. There’s no damage other than wear and tear.

The press came from Upstate NY, so the price reflects that. I want to casually say that if the press was in the tri state area of NYC, it could have easily gone for $5-6000 before moving expenses.

I’d suggest call up a couple of local press mechanics, have them test the press and let them give you an idea on what the press is worth.

Good luck on selling the press. I bought both my presses from children who’s father passed away and needed to liquidate their shops. It’s a daunting task. My father wasn’t a printer but I am so hopefully if my young children (4 and 2) hang around my studio long enough to learn a thing or two about printing, they’ll have a better idea on how to liquidate my shop when I’m gone.


Condition and timing will be the biggest factors in you sale price 2-3500. is a reasonable range. What ever you do please do not scrap the type for it’s recycle value. There is a large group of LP enthusiasts (including myself) that would love the opportunity to add to our font styles. I live an hour away from Dayton in Indiana and would love to discuss the type and ancillary items you may have to sell. you can contact me at [email protected]

Warm Regards