Help Me ID these please

C & P press picture

image: IMG_0019.jpg


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Second picture of C & P press

image: IMG_0020.jpg


Help Me …Paper cutter picture

image: IMG_0026.jpg


Help Me …Bottom part of cutter

image: IMG_0028.jpg


Help Me …Cute TT on cart, Brand????

image: IMG_0033.jpg


Real bottom of cutter …not the back

image: IMG_0029.jpg


Wire Machines

image: IMG_0034.jpg


C & P press name plate

image: IMG_0017.jpg


C & P press counter

image: IMG_0023.jpg


Another cutter picture

image: IMG_0030.jpg


C & P press rear shot

image: IMG_0021.jpg


image 33 is a stereotype caster used for casting print blocks
from a paper matrix sometimes referred to as a flong

Image 34 is a continuous wire saddle stapler, for booklet binding, and there is a smaller one standing beside it that probably uses pre-made staples. The C&P has a feeder on it — probably a Miller or Rice — that looks to be missing the feed arm and mechanism. I didn’t see a hand press in any of the photos.

Your C&P is Craftsman auto (just as the nameplate reads).

I’m no authority but I’d say thats a rice feeder, which came standard on these presses at some point in time (I don’t know anything about the Miller). I’d also say its one of the earlier craftsman models due to the ink fountain (not the newer brayer-style).

This press looks fairly similar to mine which dates somewhere around 1934-36. The flywheel on yours seems a little smaller, so I’m guessing its a 10x15? Check for your serial number stamped in the upper left corner of the bed. Then download the parts-list (link below) which has a sheet at the end with the serial-year breakdown.