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That's really sad! It's hard to tell...14 Jan
If you could get it and the three...11 Jan
The cylinder press has a lot of the...11 Jan
A picture would help in identification...8 Jan
These presses are quite heavy (around...8 Jan
Elizabeth, the printing group you...6 Jan
I live at Doswell, near Richmond, and...5 Jan
Without knowing which of the several...1 Jan
Depending on the age of your cutter it...20 Dec
Daniel, I never built the press I...28 Nov
Think "hand press", rather than...27 Nov
This type of small hand press was...21 Nov
That is a true treasure. You didn't say...15 Nov
I haven't tried this, so take it with a...15 Nov
Nina, you are going to have a challenge...12 Nov
I think your best bet is to use the...11 Nov
Thanks, John. I went back after posting...10 Nov
I have a question about a pin mark. It...10 Nov
It's a Golding Official Map Press, so...9 Nov
Sorry -- I neglected to check your...2 Nov
That is a remarkable story -- I am...2 Nov
Rick, do you have the ATA Type...27 Oct
Where is the press and where are you?...27 Oct
I have a copy of the ATA Type...26 Oct
If you're looking for something in that...13 Oct
Because aluminum is so soft, it is...12 Oct
This press uses the same impression...10 Oct
The last 2 photos with the red paint do...5 Oct
It would also help to know where you...27 Sep
You can have it for $25 plus shipping...19 Sep
I have a broken Kelsey 5x8 for which...18 Sep
My suggestion: take the Boxcar base out...3 Sep
I have a Craftsman 4x6 I recently...31 Aug
The "thin layers vertical then...20 Aug
If you can find a copy of the Spring...16 Aug
My August issue arrived a couple of...15 Aug
Two images would be helpful: one...3 Aug
If you have both the parts of the piece...1 Aug
I also realized that Craftsman...11 Jun
Actually, if it doesn't say "Golding"...11 Jun