Recent Purchase: Sigwalt Ideal No.5 & Questions for Sigwalt Owners

With the bad luck I had with the damaged Golding last week, I had a stroke of good luck and found an available Sigwalt LOCALLY (allowing myself to pick it up personally as well as inspecting it).

The seller was very generous and threw in some type, and other misc stuff.

I do have a couple questions:

1) The press came with original rollers which will mostly likely be remade because they are not in great condition.
2) There is some dried ink all over the chase and parts of the press. Since this is old paint, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could use to clean it off?

Here are the pictures:


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Good find!

1. Yes - you definitely need new rollers (based on the image you uploaded).

2. Try mineral spirits (varsol) and steel wool

3. You also seem to be missing the spring to your gripper trip lever - and possibly the gripper fingers as well. There should be a small eye on the base of the press, where the spring attaches.



Your first picture that is titled TYPE is Missal Initials designed by Will Bradley and patented on February 28, 1905. Very tasty stuff.

The next picture titled SKINNY TYPE is Huxley Verticle designed in 1935 by Walter Huxley

Wow. Thank you so much for that information!

Since the press is painted I wouldn’t try stripper on it, but you could use it on the chase. I’ve also used it on really caked-on ink on type — lock it up in a forme and paint the face, let it stand a few minutes, and wash it off. I used a toothbrush to work the stripper into the crevices. Then unlock the forme and wash the type carefully to get the residue of stripper off it. My type came out looking like new, except for the wear I couldn’t fix.

I’d say you made a very good buy — enjoy printing with it!

Skinny type is not Huxley Vertical. In fact they’re Fifth Avenue Monograms, as shown on p. 190, Book of American Types, 1941. Also shown on page 200, Book of American Types, 1934.

I cleaned up a type case that had lots of ink on it. Since the finish was shellac, I used denatured alcohol. It cleaned up all the ink also, so yo might try that.

I stand corrected on the identification of the skinny type. I should have paid closer attention to it. It is indeed Fifth Avenue Monograms.

Sorry about that.

Elysse! from Armory, yes? It’s Cat. Wow, there’s your Sigwalt… and your monogram font! =) I was just lurking and thought I’d say hello. I actually put in a bid this evening on a Sigwalt as well. Although a C&P Pilot would be ideal, this one is local. See you next Saturday!