Cooper Black - What’s This?

What is this ?

(I apologize for photo quality.)

image: DSC04514.JPG


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That’s the paragraph mark used to indicate the start of a new paragraph. It can be used when setting text in a quaint or oldstyle fashion, such as in a solid block of type with no breaks for new paragraphs. The paragraph mark is used in the body of the text where a column break would normally occur. As an example of its use, William Morris’s Kelmscott Chaucer immediately comes to mind. Sometimes the paragraph marks are printed in a different color, reminiscent of the days before printing when scribes would illuminate (color) pages of text by hand.

—Armchair Detective,
Bloomington, IN

Thanks AD. I’m familiar with the paragraph mark and it’s use. I just didn’t recognize it in this “fat” incarnation.

Noblesville, IN